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Amazfit Pace 1.3.3a update, How to import gpx track to your watch


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I have got lot of comment regarding ” How to import gpx track to your watch ” so i am creating this post to help you all.

Please read all the steps clearly, Hope it will help

Steps to create .gpx file

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1. go to and create your own route. (you can use google direction route base on street for you)
2. click … on the top right of your map name and export to kml
3. go to
4. select you downloaded kml and select output as gpx then convert it.
5. download the gpx file
6. connect your watch to USB.
7. copy you gpx to “gpxdata” folder of your watch

To use the gpx data on the watch

1. swipe right from home screen
2. scroll down to settings
3. tap on “sports trail”
4. select your route.
5. start the activity, you can swipe left when running to see the map.


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