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How To sell Smartphone Easily, Quickly and at best Price | 2018 Guide


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This Article is for Indian Customers who want to sell their Smartphone quickly and at the best price.

I know how hard it is to sell your old devices at a good price, I was too in this problem. I used to have a Oneplus 2 which I bought in 2016 and now in 2018, i knew that if I couldn’t sell this smartphone early I won’t get a fair price and at last, i sold it within a week at a genuine price of RS 8000.

These are the things you should do before Selling and buying a new smartphone

  • Keep a timeframe in mind and don’t keep a smartphone for more than 2 years
  • Keep an eye on technology. Nowadays technology is changing at a speed of bullet train and we need to keep an eye on it. Before selling my smartphone I knew that if I could not sell my smartphone in early 2018 I would not be getting its fair price because due to 18:9 screen trend and Fast charging capability. As you would have seen the pricing of the Honor 9 lite, Redmi 5 plus they are between 10 to 15K and they look much better so I knew that selling Oneplus 2 might be difficult after March 2018.
  • Keep your Smartphone protected by Tempered glass and good quality hardcovers, Phones that looks good sells well.
  • Don’t buy lot of official accessories for the smartphone, you will not get any extra price for the accessories
  • If you have bought accessories keep its original packaging safe
  • Keep Smartphone Bill, Orignal Box, Charger and other accessories neat, it will increase the price of smartphone
  • Always keep in mind that after a certain time smartphone manufacturer stops upgrading their smartphones to the latest Android version so to keep it to the latest version you can upgrade them unofficially by the use of linage OS.

So if you have followed these Steps you will definitely get a fair price and sell it early.

Now, Where to sell it Fast

There are lots and lots of option there in the Indian market and I know you want a best of best. So considering all I have selected Two options that are best.

  1. Cashify

How To sell Smartphone Easily, Quickly and at best Price
Image Credit Cashify

If you haven’t heard of cashify, it’s an app and website which instantly tells your phone’s price. For best price, you have to install their app on your phone and then have some quick tests. after a while they will tell you the best price and ask you for the address, Fill your address and they will come next day or the given days and will give you the money instantly. They price the phone well but remember you can sell your phone 30% up.

*Note- You will get a better price on the cashify app rather than on website.

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Cashify App



2. OLX

How To sell Smartphone Easily, Quickly and at best Price
Image Credit – OLX

You might be familiar with OLX if not than you are Alien. The key of selling phone quickly in OLX is to present your product beautifully as well as the pricing should be accurate. These are the steps that might help you.

  • Search for the same product you want to sell and see the lowest price of that
  • Find the best price using Cashify and raise the price 30 to 40 % more example if your phone is priced 7000 in cashify your price for olx should be 11000 RS and the lowest price should be 8000 RS.
  • Use a good quality camera to shoot the pic of your phone which you want to sell and keep the background neat, Take 4 pics and one of front, second of the back, third of top and a fourth of the screen with the camera on.
  • You should keep in mind that buyers will bargain a lot, so give them the last price and stick to that.
  • Keep in mind that you will get many buyers some will ask for the lesser price some want to exchange but you have to be patient. Someone will strike at the perfect time.



Do you know :- after chatting for a week with many buyers, i sold my phone to a guy who just chat with me for 10 min in OLX.

Note – Keep in mind not to give your contact number until you find it’s necessary. Always go with your friend or guardians when you are ready to deal. Double check the cash befoure buyer leaves.

So I hope this Article might help you If you have any questions feel free to comment below. And subscribe by entering your email address at the top of the page to get the latest article in your inbox.

This is a Un-Biased Article, No one has paid me for this article. These are my own views.


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