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OnePlus 3t can be curved!!! Seriously :) ??


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did you know that an OnePlus 3t can be curved ?

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Well…it can, and i have one :))

These are the quotes from a Romanian user who bought a new Oneplus 3T from a Oneplus Official store when he opened the box what he said he found “BEHOLD A CURVED BROKEN ONEPLUS 3T.”.

Oneplus 3T Curved
Oneplus 3T Curved

Let’s go through the Reddit post he wrote yesterday:-

Hi, did you know that a OnePlus 3t can be curved?

Well…it can, and I have one :))

Let me tell you how I got one.

I am from Romania and I ordered one from a OnePlus site, one week later it arrives and when I opened the box BEHOLD A CURVED BROKEN ONEPLUS 3T.

I know what you might think, why did I sign to receive a package with a broken phone? Well, that is because the shipping company, UPS, that OnePlus uses in my area, do not allow to open a package before you sign for it, and the box was not visibly broken.

I contacted OnePlus to tell them that I received on the broken phone, and now the real fun begins.

At first, they go back and forth with the transport company keeping me in the dark, no clear answers to my questions…no nothing. Only emails where they are saying that they are sorry but totally avoiding my questions.

Then after 5 days, I receive an email saying that they want to arrange a pick-up for next day to send the phone back.

The next day nobody contacts me, then followed another 4 days with no progress.

The person in charge of my situation rarely responds and says the same thing over and over: “We are sorry for the delay” and “We are sorry for your situation”.

I speak with the chat support daily and the same situation, a lot of apologies but no clear answers

At this point, they didn’t even respond if they will replace my phone or give my money back.

In short: I paid 440 euros and received a broken phone and they treat me badly for it.

So beware if you order a phone directly from them, you might be in my case. Also if anyone has any advice about my situation it will be much appreciated

You can see the damage here ( keep in mind that was another bag on top of the first box)

Edit 1: It has been 7 days since they told me that they are arranging a pick-up.

Today they send me an e-mail to ask me the pick-up address and shipping address.

Reading this post we should always take precaution, Always refuse packages that are damaged or open them before signing.

But there are more question arising while looking at the posts pics that  “Was the oneplus white box inside the package not damaged at all either? Any other signs of damage to the boxes?”

Are you worried about Oneplus 3T Build Quality? Don’t worry look at this youtube video below:-



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