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What is DXOMark rating? | Should it be trusted blindly?

In this article i will be talking about Smartphone Camera DXOMark ratings


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DXOMark is a website providing a lot of camera test results examining camera lens, sensor, camera control, and image processing. Testing is based on the smartphone camera’s JPG output and also covers video mode.

The DXOMark Mobile sub-scores and overall scores for Photo are based on the following criteria:

  • Exposure and contrast, including dynamic range, exposure repeatability, and contrast
  • Color, including saturation and hue, white balance, white balance repeatability, and color shading
  • Texture and noise
  • Autofocus, including AF speed and repeatability
  • Artifacts, including softness in the frame, distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations, ringing, flare, ghosting, aliasing, moiré patterns, and more
  • Flash
  • Zoom at several subject distances
  • Bokeh

The Video sub-score is calculated from the following sub-score criteria:

  • Exposure
  • Color
  • Texture and noise
  • Autofocus
  • Artifacts
  • Stabilization

These are the top rated smartphone according to DXOMark


Should we trust DXOMark test

The tests of DXOMark are very much amplified and the tests are not 100% accurate because a lot of test results are not on the same benchmark.

DXO’s test is more reliable in case of Camera Sensor but not camera lenses. DXO tests cameras basically for its sensor from several aspects such as color depth, dynamic range and low light ISO.

DXO tests cameras basically for its sensor from several aspects such as color depth, dynamic range and low light ISO.

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I have read many articles from people telling that DXOMark is biased they say that only those phones or DSLR’s are listed and ranked better which pay them. But all these things are talks, maybe they are true or maybe not.

Take a look at a comment on Quora.

They openly admit Sony, Nikon & many other companies are subscribers to its testing software, but not canon & apple. So many camera companies are paying them $$$, except canon & apple. So they’re trying to force canon to pay them.

Nikon, Canon, Sony….all these Japanese giants have decades of experience in manufacturing & testing camera lenses, they don’t need to buy testing software from this little-known company.

What I think

I have seen Google Pixel 2’s camera images, P20 pros images and S9 images too all are fantastic and DXOMarks scores are accurate to their image quality. P20 pros camera shots are the best and then follows Pixel 2 and then S9.

According to me, the score they give for the smartphone cameras sensors is perfect but you should watch a lot of youtube reviews and test camera samples before buying a smartphone.

Don’t blindly follow DXOMark ratings and buy a smartphone according to their ratings.

For details follow this link 

Some details are taken from DXOMark website


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