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It’s time, delete Facebook: WhatsApp co-founder tweets

Brian Acton the Co-founder of WhatsApp asked everybody to delete facebook


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Tweeter user got surprised when WhatsApp Co-founder Brain Acton shared a tweet with his followers asking them to delete their Facebook accounts.

There were lots of comments in his tweet, most of them question about the unverified account of his. While Acton hasn’t verified his Twitter account but his followers are aware that the account belongs to him personally and he tweets occasionally.

WhatsApp was sold to Facebook in 2014, for $19 billion. Brion Acton remained to be working with Facebook after the sale, but he quit earlier this year to start another company “Signal”.

What may cause him to say this?

For those unaware, the Facebook share fell 7% recently after reports surfaced that political data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica had access to personal data of 50 million Facebook users without their permission.

So the question arises, How did Cambridge Analytica get access to the data?

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According to CNBC, the data was taken from a quiz. The quiz creator had intentionally provided the quiz data (containing personal choices) to Cambridge Analytica against the privacy policies set by Facebook. As per the Vice, Cambridge Analytica CEO was caught on tape saying company’s Facebook scam helped elect President Donald Trump.

There are leaked reports telling us that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Coo Sheryl Sandberg know about this data leaks but they remain quiet.

About Cambridge Analytica

Robert Mercer is the fundraiser of this firm, and he is the one who donated money to President Trump’s election campaign while targetting political ads on Facebook

Is Facebook authority taking some action against the scam?

Facebook said that they are investigating this matter and they have hired a digital forensics firm.

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