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Amazfit Pace Version adds a new watchface, features and optimization

Amazfit Pace Gets yet another latest update with lots of Optimizations


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Amazfit Pace gets a new update version with a new watch face naming “crossing the interstellar”, Updated tennis algorithm and Optimized calorie consumption and removed lots of bugs.

Change Log, release note:

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  • Added “crossing the interstellar” watch face
  • Added real-time track in the real-time track page lock screen under outdoor sports
  • Updated tennis algorithm
  • Optimized altitude output in motion
  • An optimized inaccurate output of running strides in some cases
  • Optimize calorie consumption calculations in some cases during exercise
  • Optimized walking heart rate
  • Optimize low heart rate in certain situations
  • Optimize indoor running calibration process and put it into the motion pause interface
  • Optimize the stability of vibration functionality
  • Optimize heart rate
  • Optimized data synchronization for android phones
  • Fix sporadic power consumption issues
  • Fixed some issues with call reminders
  • Other Bug fixes

Note: Update is deployed in batches, It will reach you in coming days so dont worry.


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