If you already own a Amazfit Pace this post is for you…….

Today on 16-jun-2017 a new update version 1.3.3a had arrived and it is well packed with some awesome must need features..

New Features Includes

  • Updated Gps firmware to 2.8.5
  • Support .gpx import. Now users can import gps route and while running and biking get alerts and when deviation from the route get alerts
  • Support activity data upload through WIFI
  • Added daily Overview widget to view user daily activity in one place
  • Shows app list and provide access to all built in apps on the watch
  • Support weather info in customizable watchfaces
  • And many other bug fixes

See the Gallery for the clue

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Pankaj Joshi
My name is Pankaj Joshi and i am a full time blogger and author of yournexttech.com. I am not at all good at talking about myself but ill give it a shot. I love gadgets/electronics, music, troubleshooting and running. Yes i said running and i proudly carry Six medals in half marathons and still counting many to come in future.


    • if you want to enable it

      remember – By default there is no app list enabled, on US firmware 1.3.1 this works, but after that no it wont work.
      if you have the latest firmware it wont work.

      to enable app-list on ver 1.3.1 (” you can check version in about “) manually –
      1. swipe down then go-to settings
      2. press on legal statement 9 time
      3. now go-to (lab) which is below legal-statement and click on applist
      4.watch will restart and now swipe right on your homescreen in last section you’ll see applist.
      Note:- this only works with ver 1.3.1 if you have updated to latest version it wont work cuz bootloader is locked from now on.

    • How to import gpx track to your watch
      1. go to https://www.google.com/maps/d/ and create your own route. (you can use google direction route base on street for you)
      2. click … on top right of you map name and export to kml
      3. go to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com
      4. select you downloaded kml and select output as gpx then convert it.
      5. download the gpx file
      6. connect your watch to usb.
      7. copy you gpx to “gpxdata” folder of your watch

      To use the gpx data on the watch
      1. swipe right from home screen
      2. scroll down to settings
      3. tap on “sport trail”
      4. select you route.
      5. start the activity, you can swipe left when running to see the map.

    • try to hard reset it by this method, its little bit difficult but atleast you can try this

      When you try, I advice to put the watch in its charging base, the usb Cable connected to the base, but not on the PC.
      Here are the steps to go in fastboot mode :
      1) press the power button 2 seconds
      2) release the button and immediately press it again and hold it , do not release it.
      3) when the screen off the watch switch off, plug the usb cable.
      4) when the screen turn on, count from 1 to 4. At 4 release the power button. You are now in fastboot.
      If it fails, try again. It is a little difficult.

      Watch this video

      after you get into the menu try to erase the watch. Its the way to hard reset it.
      let me know if it works

      • I’ve tried it… But the force erase cannot function… I only can enter into the fastboot mode by clicking the physical button… Touching the screen does not enable either entering fastboot or force erase…

        • Step 1: Get into fastboot
          This is the most difficult part. @kiralex1995 has developed a procedure that will lead reproducible to boot the watch into fastboot mode, but it may take many tries (one user reported that it took him 30 min of tries).
          Follow this guide: https://forum.xda-developers.com/sma…ectly-t3546829
          When you are in fastboot and see the fastboot logo, you have mastered the most difficult part.

          Step 2: Choose a ROM to flash on the watch
          There are currently three possible ROMs to choose from:
          a.) The English AmazFit firmware 1.3.0n
          Download the following file on your PC: https://mega.nz/#!xIkC1IQZ!bLLSN9BMv…yUYkatCGKgHeS8
          b) The Chinese AmazFit firmware 1.2.5a
          Download the following file on your PC: https://mega.nz/#!tNdggR4b!VXmExGqdN…5RidRJP9L-LAXE
          c) An old Chinese AmazFit firmware 0.9.50:
          Download the following file on your PC: https://mega.nz/#!wY9mEQoI!0ARB0MaK0…HOUquxqFhghg7U

          Step 3: Download flash script from xda
          Download the attached flash script from this post to your PC.

          Step 4: Unpack the archive on your PC
          Depending on you PC choose the right method to extract the files in the ROM archive and the flash script.

          Step 4: Boot the watch into special recovery
          Check that your fastboot drivers see that watch (which should still show the fastboot logo):
          ‘fastboot devices’
          You should see your device listed. Otherwise check your fastboot driver installation on your PC. (Note: On Linux you sometimes need to use “sudo fastboot …”.)
          Then boot the modded recovery that is included in the archive you unpacked in step 2.
          ‘fastboot boot Amazfit-mod-recovery.img’
          You will see a “FAILED” message on your commandline. This is normal.
          On the watch you should see the recovery triangle and the text “No command”.

          Step 5: Transfer the ROM files and the flash script onto the watch
          First check that you are now able to connect to your watch via adb:
          ‘adb devices’
          You should see your watch listed. Otherwise check you “adb driver” installation. For Windows take care that you use Khoushs universal adb drivers.
          Then push the files to the watch:
          ‘adb push boot.img /data/media/0/
          adb push system.img.gz /data/media/0/
          adb push md5s.txt /data/media/0/
          adb push flash_rom.sh /data/media/0/’

          Step 6: Enter the shell on the watch and check your files
          After you have successfully transferred the files to the watch, you then enter the shell on the watch:
          ‘adb shell’
          You should see only a “#”, meaning you have full root access.
          Now switch drirectory to the sdcard
          ‘cd /data/media/0/
          You should see your files on the “sdcard”, including the ones that were pushed before

          7. Start flashing the files
          Run the flash sccript with the following command on the watch:
          ‘sh flash_rom.sh’
          If everything worked correctly, you should see something like:
          Validating images
          boot.img.gz: OK
          system.img.gz: OK
          Starting to flash now. DO NOT TURN OFF OR REMOVE THE USB CABLE! Press Enter to continue or CTRL-C to stop!

          Flashing boot.img
          2304+0 records in
          2304+0 records out
          9437184 bytes (9.0MB) copied, 2.075793 seconds, 4.3MB/s
          Flashing system.img
          210944+0 records in
          210944+0 records out
          864026624 bytes (824.0MB) copied, 107.981352 seconds, 7.6MB/s
          If you see any error message during or after flashing, then DO NOT REBOOT the watch, but get some help or analyse yourself, what went wrong. You can still reflash.

          8. OPTIONAL: Delete the dalvik-cache
          You can erase the dalvik-cache on the watch with the following command:
          ‘rm -rf /data/dalvik-cache’
          This will make the system “re-optimize” all apps when it boots (successfully) the next time. This is optional, as you could always do that later again.

          9. Reboot the watch
          If everything is ok, then you can reboot the watch

          Your watch should boot normally into the flashed system, you downloaded. CONGRATULATIONS, you unbricked your watch!
          Attached Files
          File Type: zip https://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=4021838&d=1485718539 (6.55 MB)


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