Xiaomi Amazfit pace is getting better and better with regular updates. Today on november 29, Amazfit pace has been updated to version 1.3.5 which includes mountaineering activity tracking.

If you have already owned a smartwatch you might know how painful it is to keep its battery full every day. But i am using amaz fit pace for more than 6 months and with average activities it can last 4 days very easily.

According to the logs Xiaomi has fixed some battery related bugs in this new update and after using it for 2 – 3 hrs it feels like interface has got smoother. Hats off to xiaomi for listening to its customers and providing continuous updates.

Only thing that’s absent in this update is the support for voice recording.

Amazfit hardware supports voice recording and we got lots of proof regarding that.

Surely we will get this feature in upcoming months or so. but till now i dont think that there is any competition for the watch in its price range.

Here are the features that has been added in this new version 1.3.5 update for Amazfit Pace English version.

  1. Supports mountaineering activity tracking
  2. Removed occasional chinese voice prompt from lap alert.
  3. Fixed small difference of displayed time when screen is locked vs unlocked
  4. Fixed the weekday rendering issue in some watch faces
  5. Fixed off-by one hour issue in tracked sleep time in daily overview widget
  6. Fixed pairing issue with some smartphones running android 8.0 and above
  7. Optimized system power consumption

Here are some Pics of the watch running updates and added features.


  1. May I know what’s the features provided by this Mountaineering function. Difference between this and the Trail run function. Appreciate your advise. TQ

    • 1st difference is “climb” do not record your running data ex- cadance, average pace, average moving pace,best pace. It records only milage or distance, cumulative elevation loss, ground speed distance. “Climb” records data only according to change in altitude.
      2nd “climb” data field have time, distance, altitude, elevation-gain
      “trail run” has time, distance, pace, avg, pace in its data field.
      i have not climb any mountains yet with this feature enable but if i do i will surely make a video of it.

  2. Looking forward to having interval training capability added. This is essential feature missing from this product and I have repeatedly asked when to expect it. Let’s see…


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