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About Android One and the difference in between Android One and Android !!


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After a flop show from android one, Android One made a comeback, with the launch of the Mi A1 smartphone in India by Xiaomi.

About Android One

  • Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai launched the Android One platform at its annual developer conference in 2014.
  • The project aimed to provide a stock Android and optimised Android experience  at a sub-$100 price point.
  • Regular updates for two years was promised.
  • in September 2014, Indian manufacturers to launch Android One device were Micromax, Karbonn, and Spice.

Google says,

“When we launched Android One in India back in 2014, the goal was to get the next billion people online by providing them with high quality, affordable phones. Since then, the larger community has told us they value what Android One stands for across a range of phones-a refreshingly simple software experience that is accessible, always fresh and stays ahead of the curve, with improvements to battery life, usability, and of course, security… As phone manufacturers continue to innovate by delivering high quality devices at accessible price points, keeping the inside of one’s phone innovative, fresh and secure is critical to a great experience. We’re extending our commitment to Android One by working with more partners to build phones that run a software experience designed by Google…

In the past year, we’ve expanded the program to new partners, geographies and price points. For example, in Japan, Android One devices are among the top selling phones in SoftBank-owned Y!Mobile stores. General Mobile has committed a full portfolio of Android One devices in Turkey, and recently released their fourth offering, the GM 6 .”

Then what is the difference in between Android One and Android !!

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Android OS

  • Android OS can be tweaked heavily, adding more features and a customised skin to set the OEM apart from others. The software and security updates are also regulated by OEMs.
  • Google plays little part in it.
  • Updates support are upon manufacturers.

Android ONE

  • Cannot Be tweaked heavily its in its simplest form.
  • Software and security patches are regulated by Google itself.
  • Android One phones will get software support for two years according to Google.

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