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What dirty business tactics do Fast food giants follow


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I was just going through quora and I found a great article by Umang Kheria. I am sharing this because these are some dirty tactics being made by fast-food companies.

Let’s read the article

I will tell about two very popular Eateries :


dirty business tactics
Dominos pizza logo


  1. Domino ’s: This happened in the last week of December 2016.Following is the conversation that took place:

He: What would you like to have, Sir?

Me: Placed my order.

He: Which crust would you like to have, Sir?

Me: The regular one, one that comes by default.

He; Do you mean Fresh Pan Crust?

Me: I don’t know the name.

He: Okay sir, Your total is Rs. 480.(I don’t remember the exact amount)

Me: Thank You!

I usually do not check the bill but on that day I did and found that he had charged me extra for the crust. Despite telling him that I want the regular one (Which is obviously not charged). I asked him why was I charged for the crust. At one moment he did not say anything and later said I mentioned that I wanted Fresh Pan Crust.

Do make sure that you ask him the total and for which item you have been charged how much before getting the bill printed.

            2. AT McDonald’s.This happens very often with me ( I guess almost all of us ) at McDonald.

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dirty business tactics
McDonald greets you

He: What would you like to have, Sir?

Me: Blah B

lah and 1 Coke.





ME: SMALL one( No you can’t-fool me this time )

HE: Okay sir.

Me: Thank You!

YOU SEE: He did not mention that they offer small coke too.


These people are trained very well with such psychological tricks to gain that little extra from you.

TIP: 1: While ordering take your time.

TIP 2: Check your bill before leaving the counter.

This is a fact and its true. So be aware, Buy online.

And one of my advice ” eat something healthy “



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