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Don’t add money in AMAZON PAY balance @India


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Hi folks,

You might have seen lots of advertisement while shopping any product from “” in which you see “10% to 15% cashback if you add money in amazon pay balance” or “10% discount if you pay from amazon pay balance”. You might get in shock if you read their policies on AMAZON PAY BALANCE term and conditions.

Here are the facts

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  1. Amazon Pay balance cannot Be transferred back to BANK ACCOUNTs in INDIA.
  2. All the Cashback are Above RS 5000 most of the time, And an average customer doesn’t shop regularly above RS 5000.
  3. Adding your money will give you cash back after a month, This will keep you in habit of shopping.
  4. Maximum cash back is Fixed up to RS 300, Which is not a great deal if you add higher amount in amazon pay “example 10000’s 15% is 1500 and you’ll get 300 only after a month”, instead keep the money in bank or invest in mutual fund you get more than RS300 in profit.
  5. There Is an Expiry date for Amazon pay Balance amount.


Instead of adding amazon pay balance pay using Debit or Credit cards which give same discounts example “15% off with SBI debit or credit card on purchase above 5000 and the maximum cashback is up to RS 1500” and your money is safe if you return that product back.

One thing more , ALWAYS READ THE * “TERM AND CONDITIONS”. Be Smart, IT’S your hard earned money.



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