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eBay sells its India business to Flipkart


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eBay will invest USD 500 million in Flipkart as the two firms will merge their operations in the country. As part of the deal, Flipkart will own and operate eBay’s business in India.

“exclusive agreement had been levied by eBay and Flipkart in which they will jointly pursue cross-border trade opportunities to make eBay’s global inventory accessible to more India consumers,” eBay had said in April.

This is the mail which was sent to me by and if you are a member of eBay you might have got the mail too.

This is what the content of the mail in brief,

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eBay recently sold its India business, eBay India Private Limited, to Flipkart.

As a user of the website and/or an eBay user domiciled in India, the effect of this sale makes Flipkart your new contracting entity and owner of the data generated from your transactions on the website.

As part of the sale, eBay has agreed to operate the website on behalf of Flipkart for a transition period of no more than 18 months.

During this period, eBay will remain the data controller processing and retain the data generated from your transactions on the website and other eBay sites.

To continue your shopping experience during the transition period, including allowing eBay to share data with Flipkart.


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