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Nokia 7 plus: Full Screen, Dual Camera with ZEISS optics

This year Nokia is back in the business featuring Nokia 7 plus and many other phones.


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Nokia made their comeback with Nokia 150, the first feature phone, in December 2016. In less than a year and a half, Brand holder HMD Global has released more than 10 mobile phones, of which include Nokia 6, Nokia 7, Remade Nokia 3310, and new Nokia 6 and Nokia 7 plus (2018).

Nokia is getting mature year after year in the smartphone business. HMD global, a startup with a Nokia brand, gradually becoming mature.

However, as a serious mobile phone user, although I think Nokia 7, Nokia 6 and other products are a great product from HMD’s Nokia, I haven’t found any phone as interesting until Isaw Nokia 7 plus.

Nokia was a bit late with the full screen 18:9, but it was finally caught up in the Nokia 7 plus.

The Nokia 7 plus features a 6-inch 18:9 “fullscreen”, FHD+ (2160X1080) resolution, IPS LCD material and the screen surface are covered with a 2.5 D polished The third generation of Corning Gorilla Glass.Nokia 7 plus looks same as a Googles Pixel 2 XL.

Back of the phone is coated in Ceramic. Nokia 7 plus uses a common all-metal unibody design. The metal material is the mainstream 6000-series aluminum alloy.

The middle frame design has the copper-colored border with a width of 2.75 mm. The design is not brilliant but is stylish, it greatly enhances the visibility of the Nokia 7 plus, making it easy to recognize in the stereotyped 6-inch all-metal body with a full-screen phone. Nokia 7 plus The “black + copper” color matching style is also consistent with the previously listed second-generation Nokia 6, and HMD seems to be interested in this design.

Behind the Nokia 7 plus’s body, you can also see conventional elements such as a rear fingerprint, dual camera marked with “ZEISS”, a flash, and a full-bodied NOKIA logo. Copper is also used in dual camera and rear fingerprint. The trimmings serve as decorations.

If you want to pick something wrong, there is some controversy on the appearance of the Nokia 7 plus should be the camera.

Although the thickness of 7.99 mm is not too thin, the Nokia 7 plus does not appear visually heavy under the background of copper borders and left and right sides of the back cover.

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ZEISS optics

In the middle of last year, HMD and ZEISS signed a cooperation agreement. In the future, cooperation will be carried out on camera imaging. The “Zeiss lens”, which has won numerous praises in the “Old Nokia” era, has finally returned.

However, everyone should also feel that in the cooperation between mobile phone manufacturers and traditional camera/lens, the highest correlation with the performance of mobile phone cameras is the technical strength of mobile phone manufacturers, and traditional cameras/lenses more play a role in setting standards and participating in imaging styles. The “peripheral” role of training, after all, is that these traditional camera/lens manufacturers do not have the CMOS, lens, and ISP capabilities needed to make and develop mobile phones.

Prior to Nokia 7 plus, HMD had already introduced two phones with Zeiss certified lenses, Nokia 8 and Nokia 7.

In terms of hardware, the Nokia 7 plus’s rear-mounted main camera is 12 Mega Pixel. It supports full-pixel focusing and lens aperture f/1.75. From the parameter point of view, this CMOS and Sony IMX362 or Samsung 2L7 is the same, higher specifications.

In addition, Nokia 7 plus also has an additional sub-camera, 13 Mega Pixel, f / 2.6 aperture, single-pixel size of 1.0 micron which is used to achieve 2 times the focal length and portrait blur function.

It is worth mentioning that the camera app of Nokia 7 plus has also added a professional mode, which can manually adjust the parameters such as ISO, exposure time, and focus, and the UI is quite a sense of professional shooting in the Lumia era.

The following proofs were shot with Nokia 7 plus without any post-production.

For more details about the release date in India follow this link


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