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Nintendo Switch Hacked using an old iPhone exploit


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Nintendo Switch — just nine days after it launched well-known iOS and PS4 hacker qwertyoruiop reportedly became the first person to hack the console.


The hack look liked it was a fake news, but on Sunday, LiveOverflow provided further proof that it was real with a video demonstrating the exploit in action.

You can watch entire video below for a detailed explanation of the exploit, or skip to 16:19 for the demo:

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Having an old vulnerability is obviously a problem, but considering that the online service for the Switch won’t even be finalized until the fall, it isn’t all that surprising.

As both qwerty and LiveOverflow explain, this is just a proof of concept for now. No one is going to be playing emulators or pirated games on their Switch consoles quite yet.

Hackers now got some direction toward the loophole. As popular as the Wii U and 3DS were for the hacking community, the Switch — mashing up portability with the power of a home console — is a prime target.

That said, now that the hack is public, Nintendo will likely release a firmware update for the Switch in the coming days. Hackers will not stop though, but it might slow down their progress somewhat.


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