Microsoft is introducing a new version of Windows, Windows 10 S


Microsoft is introducing a new version of Windows 10 today: Windows 10 S

According to Microsoft Windows 10 S is streamlined for security, superior performance and works exclusively with apps from the Windows Store..

Windows 10S users can only download and install apps from Windows Store and if they try to download outside market app they will get a recommendation from store for a similar and better app. Other than that if you ignore the recommendation and still want outside store app to install you can, But wait you have to upgrade to Windows 10 pro for that which will cost you around 45$.

Due to lack of outside market apps Windows 10 S is much faster than Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 S will take around 15 seconds to be ready for a student to log in and use for the first time, a faster process than what’s currently available on Windows 10 Pro, says Microsoft. Other smart feature include the ability to set up machines using a USB drive with preconfigured options. Windows 10 S will simply detect the key and customize all settings ready for a school.

During a demonstration onstage, Myerson showed off the ability to support peripherals and devices just like regular Windows 10.

Microsoft is also bringing full versions of Office to the Windows Store. If you buy a device running Windows 10 S then you’ll be getting an option to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro to enable all normal functionality.



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