Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi has announced its latest flagship phone, the Mi 6, at an event in Beijing.

Skipping Mobile World Congress this year, as it announced the Mi5 last year in MWC.

While Xiaomi is getting better in design language as they released bezelless Mi Mix phone in 2106 , the regular Mi line is a more mainstream affair, and that’s reflected here in the Mi 6’s design and pricing.

Every-time Xiaomi releases its Mi lineup the comparison is with iPhone , but price isn’t one of them.

  • The entry model featuring 64 GB of storage — comes in at 2499 RMB, that’s around $360,
  • 128 GB option (2899 RMB, $420),
  • Ceramic edition (2999 RMB, $435).

Comparing with (Iphone 7  and 7 plus) all three are far cheaper than iPhone equivalents, but looking athe pricing of previous Mi Linup the range is more expensive that the company’s usual flagship prices.

The most obvious iPhone Similarity is that there is no headphone jack on the Mi 6, just as Apple elected with last year’s iPhone 7. It might be a bad news for 3.5 mm jack lovers.

But that’s not all. 5.5-inch Mi 6 includes a 12-megapixel dual rear camera similar to iPhone 7+  which mixes a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. Like the iPhone, the Mi 6 includes a bokeh-style photography option, alongside 10x digital zoom, 2x lossless zoom, and optical image stabilization (OIS) technology. Also on board is an under-glass fingerprint sensor on the front. Similar sensor was in the Mi5s Plus and, if you believe leaks reported this week, Apple may have similar plans for its next iPhone.

  • Mi 6 has bumped up its RAM to 6GB, Same we see in Oneplus 3T,
  • The device is powered by a Snapdragon 835 10nm processor with a 64-bit, octa-core CPU,
  • 3350 mAh battery that the company said will last a day according to Xiaomi Officials,
  • Dual speakers for stereo audio,
  • 2.2 dual Wi-Fi technology,
  • New screen options that include a new night display and reduce blue ray output

The phone goes on sale from Mi.com and Mi Home Stores in China on April 28.

Indian release is not known till now but after Xiaomi revealed it cleared $1 billion revenue in India, its second largest market behind China the New Mi 6 Will release in India very early.


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