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QCY T1 pro another awesome truly wireless earbuds ?

Here is the review of the latest truly wireless earphones from qcy, QCY T1 pro.


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Review – QCY T1 pro

Nowadays lots of popular headphone brands are either switching to type c connector headphones or wireless headphones. This trend was started by Apple and QCY is following them perfectly by introducing yet another great product QCY T1 pro.

Wireless headphone has one other category which is truly wireless and in this category QCY has managed to create a great reputation by providing good quality Headphones and also improving them.

Here is the review of the latest truly wireless earphones from qcy, QCY T1 pro.


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  • Bluetooth version – 4.2
  • Supported mode – HFP / A2DP / AVRCP / HSP
  • Standby time – About 70 hours for headphones, charging box to charge the headset about 4-5 times
  • Charging time – Headphone charging: about 1 ~ 2 hours, charging box charging: about 3 hours

About the Product

  • QCY T1 pro comes in good packaging. Pull-type carton, which has a split design.
  • QCY T1 pro comes with an apple earpods style charging case, This independent charging design makes it easy to charge, carry and store and even travel with them without worry of keep on charging.                                                                                                       
  • It comes with a micro usb charging port.                                                                                    
  • The product is a very low cost but the build quality is not cheap.
  • Charging the headphone is easy, Pull the case and place the earphones in and the Red indicators tells about the charging.                                                                               
  • It has a magnetic connection feature which makes it easy to charge.                              
  • earphones are not large, only a few grams of weight, built-in lithium battery provides 2 hours of continuous playback time.                                                                              
  • The sound quality of these headphones is great.                                                                
  • You can connect one or both at the same time.


It cost for around 35$ in which is under RS 2300.

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You can see the product here



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