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Samsung Galaxy S8 can record 1000fps videos


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The rumor mill surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ continues without a break. The latest such unconfirmed report claims that while the rear camera on these flagship phones will only be 12MP, they will include a feature that will allow it to record videos at speeds of up to 1000fps.

The report was first posted on the Korean site Raver, They wrote:-

For this purpose, Samsung Electronics (005930) placed DRAM as a storage device between the pixel part of the image sensor and the circuit part. As a result, advanced technology has been achieved to transmit and store images at a much faster rate than to transmit images using cables.

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In addition, the site claims that the phone will have an 8MP front-facing camera with an autofocus feature. Finally, the rumored iris scanner on the front of the Galaxy S8 will reportedly have its own 3.7MP RGB camera sensor.

Samsung Electronics will release its Galaxy S8 at the Lincoln Center in New York and Here East in London on April 29.



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