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Do you know how much google knows about you.


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Do you know how much google knows about you. And you can delete that record too.

I was just going to YouTube and watching videos and fun stuff like that

and then I had a question with myself

” How much Google knows about me ” I searched the internet and I found some useful links which help me know and it will help you too.

After I logged in to Google Activity I was like !!!!!! stunned, Man it knows which app I opened, which page I was searching for, which advertisement I viewed and like everything I did minute by minute.

google timeline
google timeline

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And then there was a Delete option too which gave me a shy of relief.

And Another Link I saw is Google Timeline it was just awesome. It has all the details about the places I been too.

You can go through these link to see your details google knows about.

After everything I saw, it seems to me like – Google is saying ” We are Watching You, ALWAYS”.


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