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There Will Be No Free Night Data Available for Jio Prime users.


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Nowadays Jio is in hype, and most of us are enjoying it for free. As we know that after 31st of March jio free offer will terminate and users will have to pay for continue use of jio services .

Jio has also introduced Jio prime offer at Rs 99 which will be applicable from 1st of march till 31st of march as per the official news.

But what i think is that, this is jio’s strategy to get as many prime members as they can till 31 march after 31 st of March the prime membership will continue, Giving a deadline for prime membership will panic users to get the prime membership quickly.

Many Users will opt for prime membership because its much cheaper and monthly recharges are great for most of us.

But wait , “Will there be unlimited internet from 2 AM to 5 AM”. The answer is NOOOOOO. According to the FAQ which is there in reliance jio’s website there will be no free night data available under prime offer.

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See the screenshot i captured from jio’s website.

So its a sad news for users that used to download stuff at night. But going through previous conferences from jio they claimed to give free night data at any recharge which is above or at 149 RS, But God knows what they are up to .

Here is the screen-shot i grabbed from a previous conference from

So say Bye Bye to Free Night data .


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