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Oxygen Os 3.5.5 is Awesome “Less Bugs More Features”


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Going through tech news I saw a post from gsmarena “Don’t install OnePlus 2’s Oxygen OS 3.5.5 OTA”I little bit hesitated cuz in the morning I just upgraded my oneplus to the latest oxygen os 3.5.5. I quickly go through the detailed overview of the rom, I found a frequent discontinuation from the lte network of my jio sim but after a while everything was fine it was rock solid. The rom worked flawlessly there were lots and lots of great features added to the rom.

  • Volte is working fine with Reliance jio        #i only tested it with jio
  • Hotspot is working fine
  • Night Mode is added        #need a little bit of work from the development team
  • Battery saving mode is added
  • Gaming mode
  • the shelf has a new look and also is integrated with a new weather app and resize widgets options.
  • UI is changed  a little bit with a new interface and notification bar
  • An Android security patch is latest
  • The call has a new interface
  • Ringtone and notification are changed    #new ringtone are cool
  • There is also a pulse notification option added
  • New oneplus File Manager, Gallery, Music, Weather and clock app are added

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Looking at the update I feel like you are safe to install with the new upgrade, And looking at bugs there will be a new bug fix soon added to update list so need not to worry, everything is alright.

I am using Oneplus 2 with the new 3.5.5 and till now it is working flawlessly.

I will be uploading a video soon so stay updated with


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