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Windows 10 preview 15002 now available


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Microsoft announced a brand new version of its Windows 10 preview builds on Tuesday. Windows 10 Build 15002 is chock full of new features, ranging from support for folders in Start menu tiles to new Cortana keyboard shortcuts and more. Let’s take a look at some of the changes.

  • A simple tap of Win + Shift + S will bring up the menu to crop and capture a part of your screen.
  • Instead of saying “Hey Cortana,” you can now pull up Microsoft’s voice assistant by tapping Win + C.
  • Microsoft even changed the BSOD to the new Green Screen of Death (GSOD).
  • Microsoft is also building the ability to adjust the blue light output right into Windows 10. This is the same sort of function we’ve seen built into smartphones recently, and it starts to cut out the blue light from your display at later hours, allowing you to fall asleep easier.
  • Edge now also has a jump list on the taskbar so that InPrivate windows can be opened directly. This build also includes the promised click-to-run default for Flash.
  • The Settings app continues to pick up new settings and alter or improve the organization of existing settings. For example, Bluetooth and other connected devices are now handled in a single section rather than being split up, depending on how the device is connected, and display settings now let you change the resolution without having to drill through to the advanced page.
  • The Start menu can have folders for tiles, using the same appearance as on Windows Mobile.
  • Updates can be paused for up to 35 days, allowing the nervous to more easily let other people be the first to take the plunge and discover issues.
  • It also increases the “Active Hours,” the portion of the day in which it avoids rebooting, to 18 from 12

 Windows 10 preview 15002Windows 10 preview 15002

Windows 10 preview 15002

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Windows 10 preview 15002          Windows 10 preview 15002

Windows 10 is certainly getting more consistent, more versatile, and more feature-packed

Insider build 15002 available now

Windows 10 Build 15002 for PC is available now for folks in the Windows 10 Insider program.


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