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Snapdragon 845 + Liquid Cooling, Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Smartphone is priced at $ 477 or RS 31300


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On April 13th, Black Shark Technology released their first product, the Black Shark Gaming smartphone. Black Shark Technology is a Chinese Gaming company in which Xiaomi have invested and it will presumably form part of the Mi ecosystem.

Black Shark Gaming Smartphone

If we Just look at the front of the device, the black shark gaming Smartphone doesn’t seem to look like a ” Gaming Device” The simple black panel, front fingerprint scanner it seems to look like a regular smartphone.

Screen specs are as follows: the Black Shark gaming phone uses a 5.99-inch LCD screen and supports the DCI-P3 color gamut, but its refresh rate is still just 60Hz, and it does not use 120Hz high refresh rate like the previous Razer Phone.

The fluidity of Games is dependent on an independent image processing chip that can enhance the picture quality and support MEMC motion compensation (this feature is more common in TV sets).

Black Shark Gaming Smartphone

In addition, It has a microphone at the front of the handset in order to facilitate the call during the game.

Turning to the back, Now it looks like a real gaming device we are talking about

Black Shark Gaming Smartphone


Looking at the back there is unique X-shaped smart antenna design which according to the device manufacturer increases signal performance and provide good grip, rich design elements with layers, and glowing logos make the black shark game phone look very attractive.

If you have seen Razer Phone which is Square-shaped the Black Shark gaming phone is more rounded and is more grippy.

Snapdragon 845 + Liquid Cooling

However, a good SoC is just a foundation. Due to the high heat generated by high-performance SoCs, the performance of mobile phones is often unable to exert their full potential. In order to achieve better performance, a more powerful heat dissipation system is needed. In the black shark gaming, mobile phone, the “multi-stage direct contact integrated liquid cooling system” developed by the company is used.

Black Shark Gaming Smartphone

According to Black Shark, after using this cooling system, the CPU’s cooling efficiency can be increased by 20 times and the core temperature can be reduced by 8 degrees Celsius.

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In addition to the Snapdragon 845, another highlight of the Black Shark game is battery life.

The black shark gaming smartphone has a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh and supports 18 W fast charging, while the 4000 mAh has made the black shark gaming phone the largest cell capacity in the current Snapdragon 845 Smartphone.

Bluetooth game controller

Black Shark Gaming Smartphone

Since it is a gaming smartphone it has an additional accessory which is a gaming handle.

The black shark’s handle uses a Bluetooth connection. The handle has built-in directional keys and additional physical design keys. The built-in battery is 340 mAh and has a battery life of 30 hours.

However, in order to install this handle, you need to first install the enclosed protective case on the black shark mobile phone. Directly placing the phone on the handle will cause it to fail to fit snugly.

The official price of this gamepad is Approx $29 or Rs1900, but the first 50,000 users who purchase the black shark game phone can get it for free.

One-click SHARK mode

On the right-hand side of the Black Shark game phone, you can see a button with a grained pattern. This key function is neither a voice assistant nor a camera but activates the SHARK mode.

After this mode is turned on, It clears all its operating memory and automatically goes into the high-performance state. In addition, as you may have guessed, in the “SHARK mode”, the system can block the notification of incoming calls and apps. The user can even open the “dive mode”. In this mode, only basic mobile communication functions will be retained rest the non-game related stuff will be turned off.

The Black Shark game phone is also equipped with many other functions to help users focus on the game, such as swiping down on the fingerprint recognition button, call out the “game DOCK”, where you can set the handle button, shield notifications and other functions.

The Main Advantage – Price

As it is Xiaomi backed company,  Black Shark’s mobile phone pricing is also Xiaomi style.

Black Shark Gaming Smartphone

The Black Shark game phone offers two storage options, 6GB + 64GB is priced at $477 or  Rs 31,500, 8GB + 128GB is priced at $556 or Rs 36,500, which makes the black shark game phone become the cheapest Snapdragon 845 Smartphone phone, compared to the Mi MIX 2S It’s even lower.


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