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How to Reset Windows 10 PC Without Disk


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Guide to reset Windows 10

If your Windows 10 PC isn’t running the way it should, Or you’re getting strange errors or else you just want to return it to its default state, Windows 10 has your answer.

Windows 10 includes a “Reset your PC” option that quickly restores Windows to its factory default configuration. It’s faster and more convenient than reinstalling Windows from scratch or using your manufacturer’s recovery partition.

Windows 8 had separate “Refresh your PC” and “Reset your PC” options. Refresh kept all your files and personalization settings, but set your PC settings to the default and uninstalled your desktop apps. Reset removed everything, including your files–like doing a complete Windows reinstall from scratch.

On Windows 10, things are a bit simpler. The only option is “Reset your PC”, but during the process, you’ll get to choose whether to keep your personal files or not.

How Reset works:-

When you use the “Reset this PC” feature in Windows, Windows resets itself to its factory default state.

  • If you purchased a PC and it came with Windows 10 installed, your PC will be in the same state you received it in.
  • All the manufacturer installed software and drivers that came with the PC will be reinstalled.
  • If you installed Windows 10 yourself, it will be a fresh Windows 10 system without any additional software.
  • However, all your installed programs and settings will be erased. You have the choice, whether you want to keep your personal files or erase them.
  • If you pc was affected by any malware or virus, that will be fixed.
  • If your computer came with pre-installed with Windows out of the box, you will see a third option, “Restore Factory Settings”
  • This process is very similar to reinstalling Windows from scratch Like we do in phones ” Factory Reset”.

Let’s go through the STEPS

The operating system provides a number of options that let you restore your computer to an earlier state. Here’s how to reset your PC to Windows 10.

  • Go to The Settings.  You can get there by clicking the gear icon on the Start menu.

windows 10 reset


  • Click on “Update & security” onto your right 

windows 10 reset

  • Click Recovery on your Left

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  • Windows presents you with three major options: Reset this PC, Go back to an earlier build and Advanced startup. Reset this PC is the best option for starting fresh.

Advanced startup lets you boot off a recovery USB drive or disc and “Go to an earlier build” is made for Windows Insiders who want to roll back to a previous version of the OS.

windows 10 reset


  • Under Reset, this PC Click on Get started 
  • Click either “Keep my files” or “Remove everything,” depending on whether you want to keep your data files intact. Either way, all of your settings will return to their defaults and apps will be uninstalled.

windows 10 reset


  • Select “Just remove my files” or “Remove files and clean the drive” if you chose to “remove everything” in the prior step. Cleaning the drive takes a lot longer but will make sure that, if you are giving the computer away, the next person will have a hard time recovering your erased files. If you are keeping the computer, choose “Just remove my files.”


windows 10 reset

  • Click Next

windows 10 reset

  • Click Reset
windows 10 reset                                                                                            Windows will then restart and take several minutes
  • Click Continue

windows 10 reset

Thats’it Now everything will be clean and New


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