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Do you know there is Free Caller Tune feature in JIO


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Reliance JIO is in Hype because of its Free internet and calling offers for around 6 months, but there is one more extra feature many users might not know about. The Feature is so called free Caller tune feature.

Here are the steps for Activation




Activate Free Caller Tune Reliance Jio Number

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  1. Open the messaging app on your smartphone.
  2. Now compose a message Write: JT and Send it to 56789
  3. If You want to make your favorite Song as a Reliance Jio caller tune then just follow steps like Below

    Type: MOVIE <movie Name> send it to 56789

    SINGER <singer Name> send it to 56789

     ALBUM <Album Name> send it to 56789

How to change Jio caller tune

If you want to change the Jio caller tune, then repeat the process again and set a new song as your caller tune.

Note: You will not be charged any money to activate Jio Caller tune services.

Copy a Jio caller tune from any Number

To copy any Jio caller tune, press * while listening to the caller tune and then send Y to the message to confirm your Jio caller tune.

How to cancel or stop your Jio caller tune service

If you want to deactivate your caller tune and revert back to normal caller tone then follow the below steps and deactivate your Jio caller tune service.

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Send STOP to 56789 to deactivate your caller tune.
  3. Your caller tune service will be deactivated instantly.



Images Credit: JIO


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